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Called by telephone, this before the days of the 999 system, in those days the telephone exchanges were manned and a caller asking for the fire brigade would as a courtesy frequently be put through to a know contact who would know how to turn out the Brigade. On arrival they found a hay rick alight all over owned by W Cory esq.

Their work confined the fire to this one rick although five others were adjacent so there must have been some hard work

The fire was caused by overheating what today would be called spontaneous combustion there might well be an insurance problem so recording this the brigade had to be certain
The Crew
Cpt F. A. Beale,
Fm J Bull,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm W Blake,
Fm J Davis,
Fm C Simkins,
Fm H Archer,
Fm H Noyce
Fm V Alexander
Fm B Irwin