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Some did choose to enlist almost immediately perhaps because of their territorial army commitment, some just a wish to do their bit for the country, later on there would be less subtle threats such as white feathers handed out to those who were thought to be cowardly.
Where those who left the brigade to join up are recorded their names and place of enlistment are in the comments column.
Conscription came later in 1916

The declaration of war against Germany .

It's going to have a major effect on the Brigade.It must be remembered that at this stage there was no Conscription.

Fm C Jerome, Fm F Bell (Territorial) and Fm R Bell Hampshire Yeomanry were called up. I suspect that the note about Fm W Cornelious leaving for Aldershot was added on or about September 1st even though it's in the log for August.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that the log ends suddenly soon after this although in fairness this particular log is full, so without further research I don't have answers.