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Jan 15th Cleaning Expenses.
Feb 12th Fire at Biddesden House
Captain went by motor car.
Feb 21st Drill both appliances
Apr 17th Training new and established crew.
May 4th Rope and Ladders.
May 16th Fire at Fox Farm, Longparish
Passing traction engine named.
Sep 22nd Fire at Walworth, girl playing with matches
She is named, assistant was paid.
May 22nd Drill at the work house councillors present.
Jun 19th A variety of drills and equipment.
Jul 3rd A set of drills for established crew members.
Aug 30th Boiler testing.
Sep 14th Steamer training, no need for cost of horsing.
Sep 26th Fire at the Drill Hall, out on arrival
Sergeant Named.
Oct 9th Combining both hydrants and drill.
Oct 23th Brigade attended funeral Mrs Stevens
see entry 6th Jan 1913.
Nov 6th Combined drills.
Nov 15th Fire at Vernam Dean
3 cottages destroyed.
Nov 20th Councils Annual Dinner
Fire Brigade Committee and Officers invited.
Dec 4th Knots and lines.
Dec 18th Station Ambulance and foot drill.
Dec 30th Station Ambulance and foot drill