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First I must thank those who encouraged me so much.
In particular Dorothy my wife who saw me through the many times when at my age I despaired of ever understanding the art of Web Page design.

I must also thank my son Kevin who took on the task of teaching someone who barely understood computers let alone the web. He always had a minute or two ( perhaps I don't understand time either) to design a tip sheet or some other aid for my use.

Personal History

I served for 30 yrs in Hampshire Fire Brigade, now the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
the last 13 years as the officer in charge of Winchester Fire Station.
I also covered Andover when the officer in charge of that station was off duty or committed elsewhere so I knew that area passably well but not in the detail expected of the officer in charge.

Finding the log

My luck began when I found the log-book up in the roof space of Winchester Fire Station,
I was instructed to burn the Log Book in the boiler but when I objected I was told I could keep it and I did.
These web pages are the result.

Treatment of Log Pages

I now present the andover-fire-log as it was written all those years ago. I have retained it's spelling, and hand wriggling and have faithfully displayed each page as written

I have tried to be helpful to three categories of readers,
1 Those with a brigade background who read the original entry as written can compare it with today's detail.
2 For those who have an interest but little or no background knowledge I have tried to add a short explanation,
3 For those who seek to research the aspect of a towns history involving fire, all the detail is detail Names, addresses including mention of their involvement in court proceedings those too are included without I hope causing offence.

Where archive comment has been located and is of interest, Generally in the Andover Advertiser or in books I have added it in type written form
If a particular aspect of station life interests you will notice that I have added symbols in the summary aiding, I hope your research

The work of making this record public via the web was not easy. Where there are errors they are mine Where I have embarrass someone that too is my fault Where you find it useful the length of time it took to display it was a small price to pay
I hope I have achieved my object in making if available to a much wider readership.

1902 Rules and Regulations

This is a copy of the enacted rules and regulations,
Published for the guidance of committees and control of the staff and the recovery of costs it includes amendment enacted in 1905


The schedule of charges, published in 1902, with amendments
The original is in poor condition this is a copy

Horses and Transport

The process of getting to the fire had to be resolved. In 1908 there was public concern but after a press campaign by Andover Advertiser highlighted the Brigades Failings. A solution was eventually found no doubt there was some hard negotiating and like all changes there will have been protracted debate in committee and council.
These problems are highlighted in 1908 4th March, 31st March, 29th June, 18th August

Horse Charges 1901-1916

These two pages are entries in the log I have presented them as one page. They record the calls from 25th May 1901 until 4th February 1916 it also records the horsing and cost of each turn out and total expenditure for the past sixteen years the reason for the entry is is not recorded nor are their full addresses. They give a word picture of brigade activities and I shall try to resolve some of the detail in due course.

Call Bells to Alert Firemen

Installed in 1902 This log contains copies of the contract number, details of the firemen connected including addresses, the cost, and also records the same information for the next 14 years including any changes of addresses.
It covers four log pages.
Bell systems
Page 1
page 2
page 3
Page 4