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Mar 8th Drill - Steamer and hose cart
Mar 22nd Fire at Netherton, Tramp arrested
Mar 22nd Fire Andover Church,
False Call, caller named
Apr 18th Fire at Fox Farm, Ampfield.
No water, little action
Apr 22nd Drill in the meadow
May 10th Fire at Rolls reported to Council
10th May Manual drill in the meadow
Jun 1st Manual drill in the meadow
Jun 22-23rd Coronation Festivities Church,
Bonfire, Torches, Procession
June 28th Escape Drills
Jul 6th Fire at Bridge Street, tar boiler
Aug 5th Fm Drills Escape Refresher
Sep 9th Fire at Heath Barn, Winton street
Sep 27th Fm Drills Manual Refresher
Oct 11th Recruits Drill Escape
Nov 27th Fire at No 5 Bridge Street, faulty construction
Nov 30th Fire at Newlands, Old Winton Road
Sweep sent instead of brigade
Dec 6th Steamer Drills defects and repairs follow
Dec 13th Fire at No 13 South Street
sent for sweep to clear flue
Dec 13th Fire at Clarks Grocers, High Street, soot in loft
Dec 14-15th Chimney Fires no action Brigade
  STATISTICS Not consistent with record
Fires in Borough 4
Fires out of borough 1
Total 5
Drills 7