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No Detail is provided. Elsewhere I have seen them on display and used them as drill While in the R.A.F.
The unit was not unlike a 1939-1945 Wartime Gasmask fitted with a long length of Corrugated hose perhaps as much as 30 or 40 feet in length.
The major fault was the effort needed by the wearer to inhale his air supply via this hose from the filter which was fitted at the end of the hose.
This filter hose and the surplus hose was left outside the building. There was of course a problem dragging the hose in and around the building behind the wearer, not to mention the possibility of damage to or obstruction of the hose from debris' and water and you can guess what happened to the wearer.and the person he was intent on rescuing when the air stopped suddenly

No date is given but it is recorded in June 1914.So I have left it in that month.
it was entered in pencil and I've inked it over to make it legible
In this log I have found no mention of using or training with it and I'm not surprised Turning a corner and Getting the hose squashed against a wall or door is quite frightening to the wearer