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Jan 10th Fire at Tarrants Bakery, Winton Street
Two firemen left on duty until 6 o'clock
Jan 28th Steamer Drill
Mar 7th Sub Captain Stevens resigns
Fm N Noyce appointed in his place
Mar 11th Fire station drill
Mar 31st Manual, hose cart, drills.
Apr 10th Fire at Messrs G Young
Fire prevention advice given
Apr 21st Hose cart drill, New instantanious couplings and breachings
May 10th Fire at Kimpton Farm
One soldier died, One soldier charged with starting the fire
May 12th Steamer, hose cart, drill
May 13th Fire at Gales Garage, New Inn
Major fire, cause spilt petrol
Jun 8th Fire at Perham Down Camp
Appliances stopped
June 23rd Steamer, Escape, Ladder, Drill
Jul 20th Fire at Lillywhites Knights Enham
Cause boys Smoking
Jul 28th Manual Drill
Aug 17th Fire at Smallbones House, Vigo Road
Deflective flue
Aug 17th Yearly bell and phone test
Aug 25th Manual, drill
Sep 25th Fire at Clifford Villa, Old Winton Road
Boy playing with matches
Sep 29th Escape, Hose Cart Drill
Oct 1st Annual boiler inspection
Engineer preparing new bars for grate
Oct 27th Hose cart, drill, London Road
Oct 27th Trial run to Whitchchurch with motor lorry
Time recorded, driver named
Enlistments Fm (now Sgt) B Bell on leave but on call 13th November.
Fm H Archer enlisted Royal Engineers 15th November.
Fm S Offer and H Noyce enlisted Wilts Yeomany 6th December.
Fm W Irwin enlisted R.F.C. Farnborough 28th December.
Fires in Borough 5
Fires out of borough 3
Total 8
Drills+ additional for recruits 10