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Jan 27th Fire at 19a Bridge Street, found by a Constable .
Feb 25th Steamer at River.
Mar 15th Maintenance of the pump glands.
Mar 24th Maintenance and equipment payments.
Apr 23rd Brigade recruits firemen H Archer & H Cummins.
Apr 23rd Fire at Reeks Bridge Street
Major incident helpers named - page 1, page 2, page 3
May 11- 13th

Station improvements constructing tower

May 21st Manual drill with escape and recruits.
May 28th Fm Canning's retired after 18 years.
Jun 7-9th Major overhaul of manual pump.
Jun 21-23rd Overhaul steamer and test - a more detailed record of what was actually done to the pump - believed to be the only detailed record
Jun 28th Payment for annual bell test.
Jun 29th Manual drill by the river and at Bridge Street.
Jun 30th Recruitment of Fm Walter Cornelious.
Aug 20th Steamer drill at Charlton.
Aug 30th Fire at Shipton Laundry.
Sept 16th Fire at Dudmans, Bridge St.
Sep 17th Manual and Escape drill.
Nov 12th Steamer drill at river with rope ladder.
Nov 13th Repair to hose.
Dec 10th Fire at C Bennet Eastfield Road
regularly on fire.
Dec 31st Drills and hydrants.
Fires in Borough 4
Fires out of borough 1
Total 5
Drills 5