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This was a large barn well alight.
The only source of water was watercress beds these are shallow and and contain only a limited supply of water and using this would have meant that his earnings from cress would have ceased and the beds would probably have to be re laid.
To get a supply of water proved impossible, and hard work would be needed to cut through roofs and prevent spread. firemen were detained overnight.
the cause of the fire was unknown

damage was estimated as about £500.

The Crew

Cpt F. A. Beale,
Fm J Bull,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm F Bell
Fm H Noyce
Fm C Simkins,
Fm Archer,
Fm W Cornelious.
Fm V Alexander
Fm B George
Fm W Irewin
Fm R Bell

Two Firemen left on duty at the fire until daylight.
Fm J Bull
Fm C Simkins