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Jan 6th Fm Stevens Retires
he had served for 21 Years 9 Months
Jan 18th Steamer drill and driver instruction,
Jan 29th Attended Salisbury for lunch and trial of new steamer.
Feb 5th Manual Drill.
Feb 6th Recruit Fm Bell
Captain applies for medals.
Feb 11th Fire at Fyfield no water
Refused to go.
Feb 13th Fire at Rothsay
Cancelled turnout, no water.
Feb 19th Meeting to ballot for long service medals.
Mar 24th Cleaning Escape for one year two men.
Mar 26th Manual Drill.
Mar 31st Drill in the meadow, injury to a Fireman Alexander.
Apr 20th Church Parade.
May 21st Working on the building of the scaffold tower

May 28-29
& 31st

Escape and Ladder Drill.
Jun 2nd Escape and Ladder drill.
Jun 9th Drills in yard Escape and Ladder.
Jun 10th Drill tower now complete
Jun 11th Steamer and Manual Drill.
Jun 11th Tersting phones and bells payment.
July 8th Drill involving the steamer in the yard.
July 8th Hose Maintenance.
Aug 8th Manual Drill.
Aug 11th Fire at Drayton,spontaneous combustion.
Aug 20th Competitions in walled meadow
for local crews, prizes also scouts display and band.
Sep 1st Annual Boiler Inspection.
Sep 3rd Fire at Young's in Westover.
Sep 7th 4 Firemen to Whitchurch
for Church Parade.
Sep 24th Hydrants Drill.
Oct 2nd Firemen B George, W Irwinn, R Bell. recruited.
Nov 24th Lamps fitted to Hose Cart.
Nov 25th Dry and wet drills with steamer.
Dec 14th Fire at Forthorpis Yard ( Taylors).
Dec 20th Escape Ladder, Ropes, Drills
Dec 20th Lamps fitted to Escape.
Dec 28th Fire at a Signal box, cancelled.
Dec Log of call statistics and fires.
Fires in Borough 1
False call or non response 4
Total 5
Drills 15
  Comment in Log,fewest calls in the history of the Brigade.