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Jan 2nd Fire at Little Ann.
Jan 13th Station Meeting to elect new Sub Captain.
Feb 6th Working manual appliance from the hydrant.
Mar 4th Repairing equipment and station fittings.
Mar 31st Steamer at bottom of New Street.
Mar 31st Cleaning fire escape for year.
Jun 7th Steamer drill at the river.
Jun 10th Maintenance after the pump drill.
Jul 15th Fire at Weyhill.
Jul 23rd Fire at The Limes, Hurstbourne Tarrant,
flue construction blamed.
Sep 1st Fire at Shentons Shop, New Street,
owner looking at kittens (dropped match).
Sep 4th Steamer drill at the river.
Sep 18th Fire at Pentons Farm,
equipment and cattle lost.
Sep 20th Repairing station equipment.
Sep 22nd Steamer drill at The Union and hydrants.
Sep 29th Annual Cleaning payment.
Nov 28th

Fire at St Mary Bourne. St Mary Bourne and
Whitchurch Brigades in attendance.

Dec 8th Fire at Prosperous Farm, Hurstbourne Tarrant. Roads very bad
supposed cause passing traction engine.
Dec 18th Manual drill in meadow.
Hand written over the auditors report on 18th December drill sheet.