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They were alerted by a wire 'telegram' from the Police sent by Inspector Elkins.
The Captain went by motor cycle and sidecar, the Steamer followed.

The captain found six cottages completely burned out there was no water available so he sent a message for the steamer to return home.This left a block of six thatched cottage destroyed.

They were occupied by

David Walker insured,
Ian Allan insured,
Ephriam Stagg not insured,
Ephriam Hawkins - insured,
Albert Zebadee - not insured
Ian Rafle insured,

Incident outside of the borough. so the account was sent to Mr Baker the estate officer and duly paid to the council by him.

The Crew
Cpt F. A. Beale,
Fm J Bull,
Fm W Blake,
Fm H Noyce
Fm C Simkins,
Fm Archer,
Fm V Alexander
Fm B Irwin