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Jan 2nd Fire at East Stratton Farm Mr Walters
Water shortages, much damage
Jan 3rd Fire at Newton Stacey
Cause fireworks, neighbour named
Jan 7th Fire at The Lamb, Winton Street
Bucket of tar heating on lounge fire overflowed
Jan 11th Fire at Lyndhurst Villa Winton Street Chimney
Jan 28th Hydrants drilll
Feb 28th Steamer and escape drill
Mar 19th Fire at Globe Hote
Proved value of bells recently fitted
Mar 25th Drills and hydrants
May 9th Hose cart manual drill
Jun 1st National Competitions at Salisbury
15 Brigades Named. as Competitors
Andover and all other teams competition results
Jun 17th Hose Cart Manual Drill,
Jun 19th Annual steamer test and drill
Jun 19th Called out to riots.
Firemen Withdrew in face of crowd anger and damage
Jun 22nd Bournmouth Competitions Andover winning team
Returned to Bournmouth on 26th June to collect trophy and prize
June "Smoke Helmet" delivered
Jul 8th Escape ladder drills,
Aug 4th WAR DECLARED Some staff called up
Brigade prepares for civilian casualties
Aug 14th Fire at 5 Portland Street
Children playing with matches
Aug 15th Stretcher ambulance drill
Aug 29th Fire at 24 Chantry Street
Discovered by passer-by, quick action saved roof
and cottages, 2 chilren in room, cause, candle
Aug 30th False alarm, police mistake
Sep 8th Fire at Collingbourne Cadley
Captain attends in motor cycle
6 Cottages destroyed, appliance stopped
Sep 13th Fire at Fullerton Manor
fire caused by overheating rick
Sep 30th Escape drill
Oct 3rd Fire at Redenham Lodge
cause passing traction engine
Nov 11th Station instruction and drill
Nov 30th Instruction at fire station
Dec 6th Fire at Bunnay's High Street
Excessive fire in grate spread to surroundings
Dec 11th

Fire at Coronation Villas
Faulty flue

Dec 30th Ambulance drill
Fires in Borough 9
Fires out of borough 5
Total 14
Drills 12