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Jan 2nd Fire at Rawlings Collingbourne.
Serious fire.
Mar 4th Fire at C.Grace and Sons, Clatford.
Problem's with crew and attendance.
Mar 18th Drills at various locations all appliances.
Mar 21st Fire at Tidworth.
Problems with horsing.
Mar 24th Maintenance and yearly payments.
May 9th Steamer drill by the Gas Works.
Weighed both unladen and with named crew.
May 23rd Fire at Moores, Bridge St.
Jun 25th Trial run with horses. Mr Walters contract signed.
Jun 29th Steamer Drill and practice with horses,
Chairman present. More practice needed.
Jul 3rd Fire at Shipton
Bulford steamer also present.
Jul 18th Fire at New Street.
Requested waterworks pressure on.
Aug 3rd Fire at 13 Portland Place.
Arson suspected, named person later convicted.
Aug 15th Fire at Longstock
4 Ricks on fire, woman arrested and later tried.
Aug 18th

Fire at Hurstbourne Tarrant.
Blacksmiths Shop, see auditors comment.

Aug 24th Annual boiler inspection.
Aug 27th Appliance brake and hose repairs
Nov 2nd Mr F Noyce (Sub Captain) retires following an election.
Nov 11th Binding suction.
Nov 19th Fire at Waterloo House
Assistant cleaning gloves with petrol, girl injured.
Nov 24th Repairing hose.