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May 1903

  As a consequence of the death of F Fox and Jerome jnr's Marriage, Fox's bell was moved to Union Street. The bell in Sanitary Yard was moved to Union Street and cost 22/- (£1 2s 0d) for removal.The bell at Sanitary Yard was left for the use of Jerome snr.

Nov 13th 1903

  An additional bell was fixed at the "Star Tap" to call the hostler and cost 10/- extra per annum £29 10s 0d

Aug 24th 1904

  Blake's bell was remover from Vigo Road and located in Chantry Street at a cost of 22/- £1 2s 0d

Nov 22nd 1904

  Sadly the death of Jerome Jnr's wife is recorded. There is no information as to the cause and he goes back to live at the Sanitary Yard with his father. His bell was removed from Union Street and not re fixed.( see later for reduction)

Jan 13th 1905

  Owing to Blake leaving Chantry street to live near the fire station his bell was removed and not re fixed (see later for reduction).

Oct 18th 1905

  As Bain gave up the horsing of engines, the bell at the "StarTap" was removed.

Dec 12th 1905

  A reduction of £ 1 10s per annum for Blake, Jerome jnr, "Star Tap" bells was allowed. Total rental £28 0s 0d.

Dec 20th 1907

  A reduction of £5 0s 0d allowed as agreed after 5 years for rental £23 0s 0d

May 1908

  A bell fixed at Waters London Street to call Hostlers. As Waters had agreed to horse engines at £40 0s 0d per annum retaining fee with a usual fee in addition for attending Fires.