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Fire Alarm Contract No259
September 1902






Sep 1902

  The alarm system a G.P.O. (Contract Number No 259), copied above, was installed in 1902 and became operational at this date.

It reproduces detail as it develops. It lists the charges involved. and it lists the names and addresses of firemen of all ranks connected to the system. I list them below, there are two circuits. The total cost of such rentals was £29 this was to be reduced to £24 after 5 years. Telephone cost £11 and Bells £18.

A Press

  No 1 G Canning, London Road
No 2 F Noyce, Winton Street
No 3 Police Station
No 4 J Stevens, Wellington Terrace
No 5 J Davis, River Cottage

B press

  No 1 L Bull East Street
No 2 J Bull 67 East street
No 3 F A Beale Russell House Cpt
No 4 F Fox High Street
No 5 W Stevens Victoria Park
    Note that this bell was never fitted because a neighbour W Page
    refused to allow the wire to cross his garden
No 6 C Jerome Sanitary Yard

Telephone links

  Water Works
Town Hall
The Fire Station. And return links in each case.

April 13th 1903

  The W Stevens Bell was fixed at Blakes 7 Vigo Road