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When Andover Town Council decided to encompass the Fire Brigade as a service to the community it had to prescribe the way in which they intended to regulate it. It had to serve several purposes
For greater clarity I have reproduced the rules below the copy.

1 They dictate how the council members shall govern the Brigade.
2 They enable the finance to be authorised and provide a mechanism for recovery of expenditure.
3 They lay out the rank and responsibilities of the officers.
4 They provide a framework of conduct for employees.

I have copied them out below
This copy was inside the front cover where it has been for 100 years .Probably it was kept within the log so that on each occasion you receive payment you are reminded of your obligations.
To aid your research I have added the names of firemen in type script when signing for drills or calls, similarly I have recorded retirements and recruits.


This is a type written copy of those rules and Regulations:

1. - The Brigade is to consist of a Captain, Sub-captain, with eleven men, who shall be appointed by the Town Council.

2. - The Captain of the Brigade shall attend the meetings of the Town Council or Fire Brigade Committee if requested to do so,

3. - The uniform of the brigade shall be a fireman's helmet, belt, axe and case, tunic, breeches and boots. The uniform being provided by and being the property of the Town Council and is only to be worn when the brigade is called out for drill or service at a fire. Every member is expected to keep his uniform clean and in good repair. No account for repairs will be paid for unless they have been sanctioned by the Town Council or Fire Brigade Committee

4. - Each Member on joining the Brigade shall subscribe his name to the Rules of the Brigade in a book kept for that purpose, in proof of his willingness to submit to all such Rules and Regulations, and also all such alterations as may be subsequently made by the Town Council.

5. - The brigade shall meet for drill practice and testing the appliances not less than six times in each year and when in uniform and at drill, or parade, or at fires, all Members of the brigade must submit to the discipline of the officers in charge and shall not take orders from anyone else.

6. - The brigade shall not be required to attend a fire beyond a radius of ten miles from the Town hall, except in special cases ordered by the Captain or Officers.

7. - That the Scale of Charges etc shall be set out in the Schedule hereto, (Link to Schedule).

8. - The Captain to be responsible for the custody and efficient working of the engines and the appliances and for the discipline of the Brigade, reporting quarterly to the Town Council on the state thereof, and to make application for any material required.

9. - Any Member neglecting or refusing to attend at a fire, or who shall neglect or refuse to attend at drill for the space of two months without giving the Captain a satisfactory reason for his absence shall be liable in either event to be fined to a sum not exceeding 5s.,or be dismissed by the Captain of the Brigade.

10. - Any member wishing to leave the Brigade shall give 14 days notice to the Captain in writing , of his intention so to do, and shall deliver up all articles of uniform and equipment.

11. - No Member shall be recognised at a drill or fire unless he is in uniform, and any other Member wearing any part of his uniform when not on duty (except by special permission of the Officer in command) shall be liable to a fine of 5s

12. - That any Member changing his residence shall forthwith give notice in writing to the Captain and in default thereof, he shall be fined 5s.

13. - The Captain shall have power to fine or dismiss any Member who may be inefficient or unsuitable as a fireman, or shall use improper or insubordinate language, or who may be found drunk, or guilty of practical joking or disorderly conduct at the drills or assemblies, on duty, in the uniform of the Brigade, such fine not to exceed 5s.

14. - Smoking is strictly forbidden at all drills or other assemblies except by permission of the Captain or Officer in Charge.

15. - When under command, strict silence is to be maintained.

16. - The Captain may provide proper refreshments for the Brigade at his discretion.

17. - In all cases of fine or dismissal by the Captain the men shall have the right to appeal to the town council, who may vary or rescind such order.

18. - The foregoing Rules and Regulations many be altered from time to time by the Town Council.