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The fire started at about 6 40pm.
Whether eventually four hay rick's would have been destroyed or the spread was as a result of the delayed call is not recorded.

The press carried a report of Saturday shoppers gathering in Winchester Street to watch the engines pass. This was the first time the Councils contact with the supplier of horses had been tried and this was applauded by the crowd as a fine solution to the brigades problems.

The brigade were detained until 9am Sunday,but two firemen remained at the fire until 6pm.

Sadly a Mrs Gillett was accused of starting the fire and there were several who reported seeing her near the rick or coming away from it. Her husband worked for the farmer. Family feelings can be imagined.

She was arrested and eventually bailed to appear for trial in August 1908.

Both she and her husband answered for the cost of bail.

I have not yet researched the result. Which will be found in the Andover Advertiser.
Cpt F A Beale
Fm J Stevens
Fm C Jerome
Fm J Bull
Fm W Blake
Fm Alexander
Fm Fm Noyce
Fm J Davis
Fm C Simkins
Fm G Canning turned in but did not go