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Called at 00:30am. The journey took about 1hr 30 minutes.
There was a serious fire in progress. The premises had been visited the previous evening by the manager at 9.30pm. and a constable on patrol a little later and all was well.

Just before midnight a Mr Wroths passing, saw an unusual light he found the building well alight. The alarm was raised and workers responded.

One of the men cycled to Tidworth but there was no fire brigade at Tidworth, he then borrowed a car and drove to Andover to alert the brigade.

The Captain went to the fire in the car and arrived at 12:30am the Steamer with four horses followed and arrived at 02:15 thought to have made good time for an eleven mile journey. They were soon working from the 'Bourne Stream'.

The fire was out by 05:00am. The managers house roof was set on fire twice during the fire and put out each time and so was saved as were several other thatched cottages.

The cause is not known but was thought to be a stove left burning to dry the paint on a wagon recently repaired.

The night was so cold that water from fire fighting froze on the men's clothing and the equipment.

Refreshments valued at 18/- were supplied to the fire fighters and no doubt helpers.

Cpt F A Beale
Fm J Stevens
Fm L Bull
Fm J Davis
Fm C Jerome
Fm W Blake
Fm H Noyce