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Following earlier adverse press comments, a contract was finally agreed for the provision of horses. It then became necessary to investigate the suitability of the horses supplied and how they handled the equipment and the also the ability of the driver.

The character of the horses was critical and driving involved a differing technique to normal road transport, in particular they needed to work as a team.

Note that there is to be a trial run with horses by Mr Walters dated 9th April.

The opportunity was taken to weigh the appliance and crew which the horses would have to pull.The ticket confirms the weight.

The crew names are listed below

Fm J Stevens
Fm G Canning
Fm J Davis
Fm W Blake
Fm V Alexander
Fm C Simkins
Fm C Jerome

From reading the narrative I think J Stevens may well have been the engineer.
He is involved in annual pump tests when that is due.