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Although not planned this will be the first test of many of Andover's Brigade new firemen.
The call came late afternoon,

The Captain went in a car driven by D Young. perhaps to get the maximum number of firemen to the incident
By the time the brigade had arrived the fire was thought to be out, there was considerable work to do investigating the extent of the fire and it's cause.

The captain has used the occasion to praise the help the family received, perhaps to reassure the husband (The Honourable Guy Baring) who was on active service in France that his family was well looked after in his absence.

I have not been able to research it yet but it is perhaps no coincidence that the Car driver has the same name as one of the firemen



The crew was a mixed crew of established and new firemen at an interesting and delicate job so continuation of training. was a feature. Damage was estimated at £175. but covered by insurance.

The Crew
Cpt F A Beale,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm V Alexander,
Fm H Archer,
Fm C Irwin
Fm D Young,
Fm G Lindrea,
Fm C Dowling
Fm J Bull
Fm J Davis
Fm C Simkins
Fm R Child





Fm Simkins,
Fm R Child,