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In Winchester at the same sort of date the council who of course owned the fire appliances borrowed a pump for some street work.
One evening during the time the pump was away from the station there was a call for a bungalow fire at Sutton Scotney a village about eight miles away.The steamer and crew went to it.
While the steamer was away, the Hyde Street Brewery caught fire and naturally they called the Brigade. There were firemen available on the station but no equipment as it was in use at Sutton Scotney
Some firemen who missed the Sutton Scotney fire, called on the College Brigade and an Army pump from the Barracks to fight the fire.The firmen must have run up North Walls to the brewery which however suffered very serious losses
There was quite a big debate followed the Incident, those who lived in Winchester and paid the bridage cost in their rates were angry as the equipment they paid for was not available for their fires.


Assisting Mr Bramley working on the Town Hall clock. No name for firemen
Work for three days - payment 3/6d Using brigade equipment to save cash for the council was pretty common practice .