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At the end of 1915 there was a spate of enlistments when conscription was introduced and in consequence several recruitments to bring the station up to operational strength.
It should be remembered that all the firemen probably had a normal working life and this training was on top of that.
There was a compressed series of drill nights throughout January to ensure that the town continued to get the brigade it had paid for.
Normally there would have had to be an approval of the new recruits by the council but there is nothing in the log to suggest that this happened.
It it a credit to the captain that he responded in this way because as the log will show there was a call in the first few days of February.

Of course existing brigade staff had to continue training too. The note on this page as Brigade Drill records this. Generally there were Joint Drills to ensure that both the old and the new teams worked well together.

The captain did not get paid for drills so generally is not recorded.

The crews were as follows. Note the record shows recruits without a rank prefix but where existing staff are involved their rank is shown Family names show how the tradition of family recruiting was a strong motivator Sometimes the writing leads to false assumptions correct me if you know I am wrong please.
January 4th Recruits on steamer C Dowling, D Young. Fm Jerome, Fm George, Fm Appleton,

January 5th Steamer Drill Cpt F. A. Beale, C Dowling, R Child, G Lindrea, E Horner,

Brigade Training. E Ironside, Smith, Appleton, Fm C Jerome Fm B George, Fm J Bull, Fm J Davis,Fm V Alexander Fm L Noyce.

January 6th Steamer Run Cpt F. A. Beale. G Lindrea, Fm C Jerome, Fm J Davis,Fm C Simkins, Fm H Appleton

January 8th. Manuel in Meadow. R Child, R Coking, E Horner, C Irwin, Fm J Davis

January 8th. Steamer recruits. G Lindrea, D Young, Fm C Jerome, Fm H Appleton

January 15th. Run on steamer to Moxton Cpt F.A.Beale, Fm Jerome, Fm Appleton, Fm George,
R Child, G Lindrea, D Young.

January 15th. Hose Cart Fm J Davis
C Irwin, R Cocking,

January 29th Cpt F.A.Beale. Manual in Meadow. Fm J Davis, Fm Jerome, Fm B George, Fm H Appleton
Child, Horner, Cocking, Lindrea, Dowling, C Irwin.