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Steamer drills at Charlton and drive through to Penton.

Not all the recruits were present but there were good lessons to be learned.

The Crew

Cpt F. A. Beale,
Fm J Stevens,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm J Davis
Fm C Simkins,
Fm Cummins,
Fm W Cornelious

In those days learning to ride an open steamer with horses was an essential skill. Injuries or fatalities were not unknown if you got thrown off the Steamer.

A similar skill existed even in my early days riding an open fire appliance, although, by that time, no longer pulled by a pair of horses

Going out at high speed to a call, was quite hairy but adrenalin was high and the need for one hand to hang on while dressing in fire kit was very real.

Coming back to the station would be slower but imagine the sensation if wet through from a job on a winter call and there was two or three hours cleaning to look forward to. A quick cup of tea while servicing and cleaning ready for the next job