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The same 'facility' is fitted today but usually rather more permanent than wooden poles with perhaps some heating to help hose maintenance along. There is very little canvas hose in use today, but even modern materials still needs drying and maintenance.
The workers are listed.
This work will enable training to go ahead without getting an owners permission to use his premises and just as importantly give some privacy during the training period.

A drill tower has many uses primarily a drill location also a hose drying facility
Hose drying is a lengthy process particularly in wet weather, leaving water inside the canvas hose leads to the hose rot. Rubber linings had their own problems causing acid damage to the hose, modern hoses are better but still need maintenance.

So a facility to drain and hang hose to dry is very necessary and this is being provided here. Drill facilities are part of the reason for towers.

Fm Stevens
Fm Davis
Fm Jerome
Fm Blake