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This is destined to be a major fire it covers six pages of the log and I have brought pages together for space saving reasons.

These pages sketch out the fire fighting procedures.It is clear from the narrative that the fire had a good hold and is spreading and will require a major effort on behalf of the brigade.
Assistance from other brigades nor the military, is not recorded so we must assume that the brigade had no doubts about their ability to control it.

Subsequent pages will list the fire fighting technique and the damage caused to this and several other Properties. The property damage was considerable and the estimated costs ran into thousands of pounds.

As is usual, a large crowd of spectators were attracted.

On this occasion some were conscripted to help the brigade and I have recorded the names of the crew and also the names of the helpers.

There may have been others but if the did not ask to be paid they would not have been recorded.

The fire and its smoke and flames must have been visible from both the homes of firemen and the station.

The incident extended over several days.

Horses were rescued by spectators and happily their was no loss of either human or animal life.