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The fire involved a newly erected garage built near two cottages it quickly spread to the roofs and damaged both bungalows as well as other buildings nearby. One of the Cottages belonged to a relative of Fm C Jerome.
The cause was given as the actions of an employee Mr Frank Soper straining petrol into a car and it being ignited by a lamp nearby.
These were the early days of petroleum spirit and the whole experience of the hazards of petroleum storage and use country wide would eventually lead to the Petroleum Consolidation Act of 1932 that act with modern updates is still in use today

The Crew
Cpt F. A. Beale,
Sub Cpt H Noyce
Fm J Bull,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm W Blake,
Fm J Davis,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm C Simkins,
Fm H Archer,
Fm B George,
Fm B Irewin,
Fm H Appleton.
Again assistant B Smith is present and paid

The fire was a serious one and had two firemen standing by all night. Total damage is reported as £500.and the property at risk is recorded as £12,500. The cost of vehicles is also recorded.