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Another serious fire within a fortnight with substantial damage to buildings and contents .

Building construction is noted in the report.

All or part of both barns were built with floors raised above ground level to inhibit vermin infestation.

A disadvantage is that wind or at least air, can get under the floor and assist contents burning

For those not familiar with staddle stones, they are the mushroom shaped stones designed to prevent the mice and other vermin climbing up into the barns (now frequently made of concrete and more likely to be used to decorate gardens.)

Cause thought to be spark from a passing traction engine.

Roads are noted as very bad for return journey.

The expenses illustrate some of the delays experienced in getting reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Cpt F A Beale
Sub Cpt Noyce
Fm J Stevens
Fm G Canning
Fm C Jerome
Fm C Simkins

The damage report seems to be in a different Hand and does not name the insurers but claim is made against them

March 17th
April 23rd
some months later.as the fire was in December 1909