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This is a picture of the Andover Fire Brigade crew about 1910

Back Row:
Mr Walters,Horse Supplier Mr H Noyce, Unknown Boy, Fm W Alexander, Fm 'Coddy' Simkins, and a Driver.
Centre row:
Charlie Jerome, Jack Davis, Luke Beli (chimney sweep), W 'Salty' Blake, ? Baker, an unknown Boy.
Front Row:
Jack Stevens, F Noyce (butcher Mayor 1912), Cpt FA Beale, W Stevens ( butcher), Jack Canning.

Note that this sequence of names differs from the Photograph caption.
Mr Ralph Tucker drew my attention to this photo from Cyril Berry's Book "Old Andover" and said in his message to me that his Great Uncle was Fm Luke Bell and identified him as the Third in the centre row.

You will see from this and other records of riders that there is some confusion and omissions in naming those shown here. If you have any information that will update the record I would be pleased to receive it and I will be pleased to publish the results with an acknowlement to you will if you agree to that