Fm H Archer
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The results of the competition

One Man Manual Drill,Fm H Noyce 45 4/5 secs,

52 3/5 secs s Fm F Bell 53 secs Fm C Simkins 53 secs

Two Man Manual Drill,Fm C Jerome 43 secs, Fm H Noyce 43 secs
Fm H Archer 47/3 secs Fm J Davis 47/3 secs
Fm C Simkins 47 3/5 Fm W Cornelious 47 3/5

Four Man Drill, Fm V Alexander Fm C Simkins
Fm W Cornelious), Fm F Bell) 29 3/5 secs

Fm Seaman ) Fm Clark ) Fm Sampson ) Fm Ringham ?) 32 2/5 secs

A day to reward the crew for hard work and to present them to the public.They finished with a display by the Boy Scouts. The hose cart and jumping sheet now no longer used. The A.S.C. Band entertained. They finished with a meat tea and in the evening a smoker ( A Men's Social Evening )


Six Man Turnout Drill
Whitchurch 1 min 48 3/5 secs
Andover 1min 55 3/5 secs

One Man Recruits Drill

Fm B Bell 54 secs
Fm W Irwin 56 secs
Fm B George 65 secs

The Mayoress Mrs Noyce presented the prizes also the long service medals
Cpt F A Beale 15 years
Fm J Davis 20 years
Fm C Jerome 10 years
Fm J Stevens 20 years