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I'm sure Fm Alexander suffered injury and a note in the log is one way of recording it. Today of course it's all changed but a jet out of control is just as dangerous and requires great corage to bring it under control.

Another drill unfortunately
Fm V Alexander suffered an injury to his eye.The way the injury was caused is not recorded.

Firemen know from personal experience that a jet under pressure can be lethal and can cause serious injuries.
Usually during training the violence of the jet when out of control is demonstrated, It requires a great deal of bravery to overcome a jet threshing about but without space to manoeuvre and in close contact with a fire this is about the only alternative.Of course closing down a jet is possible but close up to a fire who want's the water off and how do you get messages back to the pump. It is to hoped that this was a small wound.

The Crew
Cpt F Beale
fm J Bull
Fm J Davis
Fm C Jerome
Fm V Alexander
Fm H Noyce
Fm C Simkins
Fm H Archer
Fm W Cornelious
Fm F Bell