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Called by messenger (a driver, Mr Baker) The call was to a range of farm buildings with poor water supplies, there was little they could do.

They were only able to save the contents of the building.

The cause was recorded as a spark from a passing traction engine and the firms name is listed.

Sadly the property had just been re thatched and was being managed by a firm of trustees.

The Crew
Cpt F.A.Beale
Sub Cpt (not Named)
Fm J Stevens,
Fm J Bull,
Fm C Jerome,
Fm W Blake,
Fm Noyce,
Fm Simkins,
Fm Archer
Fm Cummins,
Fm Cornelious

Cox 5s 0d.
Shenton 2s 5d.

Unnamed helpers were also Paid 1s.6d each